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Medieval & Fantasy Worlds

Midjourney Guide to Creative Prompt Writing

This groundbreaking Midjourney Guide unlocks the secrets of creating stunning medieval and fantasy art using the power of MidJourney AI. It outrivals the typical offering of pre-made prompts found in other books that lack any sort of visual reference. Instead, “Medieval and Fantasy Worlds: Creative Prompt Writing for Artists” empowers you to craft evocative, story-rich prompts and distill them into effective keywords for generating stunning AI art.

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Excellent buy. This guide is an honest, straight forward stepping stone to so many creations. A+

Chad M.

Perfect book to learn from, so many keywords that can be used for any other style of prompt.


I love love love this book. Lots of ideas to build off of and tons a descriptive keywords to help me get that perfect mood to my images. Thank you.

Samual P.

Over 275 Pages of Immersive Content

From Concept to Keywords in Artful Writing

Inside, you’ll traverse the realms of dragons and fairies, mastering the art of AI to bring your wildest fantasies to life. From the basics of crafting imaginative prompts to advanced techniques in AI-driven art creation, “Midjourney Guide Book to Medieval & Fantasy Worlds” is your gateway to awe-inspiring artistic worlds. This comprehensive approach ensures a deep understanding and skillful application in the art of creative writing for Midjourney prompts.

Instand download. 38MB .pdf Download

Exclusive List of Over 2,300 Medieval and Fantasy Keywords

Ignite Your Creative Voyage with genre-specific keywords

Dive deeper into the medieval and fantasy worlds with an exclusive list of over 2,300 keywords. These are not just words; they’re keys to unlock new dimensions of creativity. Each keyword is a stepping stone to unexplored territories in your artistic journey.

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Example Images from within the Book

The images displayed below offer just a sneak peek of the vast collection featured in the book.
The prompt for every image is available for you to use and explore.

OVER 150 large Vivid Images

Inspiring to Fuel Your Artistic Fire

Visualize like never before with over 150 captivating images. These aren’t just AI generated pictures; they’re sparks that ignite the fire of creation. Each image is carefully crafted to inspire, challenge, and guide you through your artistic endeavors. 

Every image is high resolution and has the prompt that generated it.

Instand download. 38MB .pdf Download

Midjourney AI Image

Innovative Writing for Prompts

A Collection of Prompts to Shatter Creative Barriers

Break free from creative blocks with a plethora of example prompts, each weaving into the intricate tapestry of medieval and fantasy themes. These prompts aren’t just lines of text; they are whispers from different realms, urging you to try them yourself and bring your own art to life.

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For Visionaries and Dreamers

A Journey for Artists, Authors, Gamers, Educators, Students, and the Curious

Whether you’re an artist, author, game developer, educator, student, or simply curious, this book is your portal to uncharted creative lands.

Your odyssey into the realms of AI-generated medieval and fantasy art starts here. This is more than just a guide book; it’s your ticket to redefine the boundaries of imagination and artistry. Unleash your creativity and create masterpieces that captivate and inspire.

Instand download. 38MB .pdf Download