Multimedia Artist & Art Director

I am a creative problem solver and passionate artist with 29 years of experience in all phases of digital design, creative direction and marketing. Utilizing many different forms of digital media, I am able to bring your brand’s story to life.

Creating high-impact multimedia, 3D & video
content to tell
great stories

... that inspires action.

I thrive on a good challenge that empowers me to think differently, yet strategically, and allows you to take your project or marketing efforts to the next level. If you are not afraid to push your marketing campaigns and efforts to the edge with new and innovative ideas, then we should talk.

Visual Storytelling

From Paper to Digital, I Enjoy Bringing Ideas to Life

Bring your brand to life.

A true passion of mine is to tell a story through motion graphics and animation. Whether directing a video shoot or creating complex 3d animations for video, I really love to capture emotion and make projects come to life.

State-of-the-art 3D modeling for your project is just a conversation away.

Medium in which I use to tell a great story:

Art Directing

Elevating Brands through Visual Design

The details are key.

I absolutely love driving the visual and artistic tone of Brands and projects, in order to bring them to life. This includes websites, ad campaigns, television and film, photo shoots and video games.

My core values as an art director are:

Awesome companies I have worked with.

Motion Graphics & Animation

I Would Love to Tell Your Story to the World

Engage your audience with an incredible video.

Tell your brand’s story in a compelling narrative that captivates and motivates your audiences.

I craft visually stunning and engaging visual experiences using video.

Commercials, social media, corporate, and tradeshow events, are just a few of the projects I can tackle for your brand.

Play Video

Client Video

AR & VR Development

Let's Build a New Reality Together

Immerse Your Customers Into Your Vision.

How cool would it be to extend your marketing ideas or products into the digital realm?

Let’s make it a reality. I can create a simple AR business card from your logo, or a full-blown trade show experience.

Altering your reality is just a conversation away.